These are some of the most common questions I’ve received about this course:

Once you join the course, you’ll be able to access all the instructional videos and downloadable elements on our online platform. This platform was specifically designed for my courses, and it’s reliable and very easy to navigate. You just need a device with a screen and an internet connection.

This online course requires a single payment. After that, you’ll have lifetime access and be able to watch all the videos and tutorials at your own pace.

This course includes unlimited support. It doesn’t matter what you need or when you ask for help, I’ll be there.

This masterclass will help you from the moment you take the Benro Polaris out of the box until you want to push it to the limit. The materials cover everything, from the gear and setup to all the steps, tips, and problems you may encounter. 

The course includes lessons, tips, and troubleshooting for advanced users, especially when it comes to advanced multi-row panoramas, complex foregrounds, and many “hidden” BP secrets that I’m sure you haven’t heard about until now.

Also, remember that the more you expand tour BP knowledge, the more you will prevent failures in the field and increase the chances of success.

The first half of the course applies to any feature that you want to use with the Benro Polaris. The rest of the course is focused on the Astro functions of the device.

Most of the tips, best practices, and workarounds to fix problems apply to the Benro Polaris in general regardless of the function you use, so I’m sure you’ll find value whatever your purpose is with the BP.

The course is focused on the astropgotography capabilities of the Benro Polaris to capture wide-field astro images, from single shots and stacking to multirow tracked panoramas and foregrounds.

However, you can apply a considerable part of the content of the course to any type of astrophotography, including deep-sky.

Do you have any other questions?