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15. Conclusion

…and we got to the end of the course! Remember that you can download all the course notes below. Please feel free to print them and make your own notes. Download the Benro Polaris Course Notes Thank you very much for following the course. If you have learned and found it interesting, I would appreciate …

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14. Problems & workarounds

These are some of the most common problems and issues that you can find with the Benro Polaris: 01:45 – App/Phone to Benro Polaris connection issues 04:12 – “Camera is Busy – Shoot Failed” 08:30 – Polaris goes to a negative altitude when going to an object in the alignment process 10:55 – White Balance …

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13. Tips & recommendations

Follow this series of tips and recommendations to operate your Benro Polaris more efficiently in the field.

12. How to capture foregrounds

Photographing foregrounds with the Benro Polaris can create confusion, especially when we start to bump into the tracker’s rotational limits. Learn a couple of tricks and tips to capture foregrounds without problems and without putting your gear at risk. Note: Another alternative method for taking close foregrounds is to move the Polaris 180º, disconnect the …

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10. Pro Panorama mode

Follow the entire process step by step to capture tracked panoramas in a simple way. You can learn more about how to plan and execute Tracked Milky Way Panoramas on my Pro Milky Way Course. *Note I:  When taking several tracked panoramas one after the other, it’s very important to relevel the Astro head after …

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9. Standard Panorama mode

The Normal/Standard is the first panorama mode on the Benro Polaris. To get the overlap angles, the easiest way is to use the Pro Panorama Mode. You can also get those degrees in these apps: Plan it Pro Pano Calculator (iOS)  IMPORTANT NOTE: As of today, the programming issue related to multi-row panoramas that I …

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8. Stacking

In this lesson, we will see how to capture continuous images with the Benro Polaris for stacking in a very simple way.

7. Complete step by step workflow

Learn how to set up and operate the Benro Polaris step by step, from leveling the tripod to shutting the tracker down after the session. Always remember the three main steps: Tracker leveling (Altitude/Azimuth) Calibration Alignment Important Note: Remember that, if your tracker goes to a negative altitude in the alignment process after your calibration, …

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6. Polaris settings & interface

In this video, I explain the main settings and interface of the Benro Polaris, including basic settings and recommendations and “secret” functions that are a little more hidden.