Capture the Milky Way – Advanced Module

If you already have some experience photographing the Milky Way but would like to take your images one step further, you will get a lot of value out of this course.

You will learn how to apply some of the most effective techniques to improve the quality of your images, both in the field and in post-processing. Capture impressive Milky Way panoramas, eliminate noise by noise stacking and blending images in a natural way, and apply an advanced post-processing workflow that will give life to your Milky Way shots.

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to capture and process advanced Milky Way images with confidence and have a solid foundation before jumping into the ultimate level: Milky Way tracking.

Main topics covered in this course:

Main Post-Processing techniques:

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Dan is a professional nature and landscape photographer, photography educator, and co-founder of Capture the Atlas. His base camp is in Philadelphia, USA, but he spends long periods of time exploring and photographing new locations around the world. Apart from shooting the Milky Way, the Northern Lights, and any landscape that can stir powerful emotions, he enjoys leading photo tours to some of the most remote places on Earth. You can find more about Dan here.


These are some of the most common questions I’ve received about this course:

Once you join the course, you’ll be able to access all the instructional videos and downloadable elements on our online platform. This platform has been specifically designed for this course, and it’s reliable and very easy to navigate. You just need a device with a screen and an internet connection.

This online course requires a single payment. After that, you’ll have lifetime access and be able to watch all the videos and tutorials at your own pace.

This course includes unlimited support. It doesn’t matter what you need or when you ask for help, I’ll be there.

The main pieces of software in post-processing are Lightroom and Photoshop.

We’ll also use other programs for some specific functions, such as Denoise AI, Stacking software, PTGui Pro, or Nik Collection. All the pieces of software include a dedicated video on how to use them.

You can learn following this course even if you don’t have a tracker. However, practice is fundamental and you’ll need a tracker to put all the shooting technique into practice. 

If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with the course, you have a 15-day money-back guarantee.

Just contact us during this period and we’ll process the refund. No small print and no questions asked.

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This course includes:

  • 6 hrs and 30 min
  • Unlimited access
  • From any device
$ 150

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Ratings and Reviews

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9 Ratings
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Rafael Sampaio
Posted 5 months ago
Fantastic course!

I'm amazed how much I've learned with this course! It's very different from trying to learn with youtube videos. The course follow a very logical sequence, and really covers everything you need to master Milk Way photography. And it's a pleasure to watch by the way. Do yourself a favor, and buy this course. It's a masterpiece.

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Posted 6 months ago
After a busy pause, coming back

Great to be able to resume and take off where I left off a while back.

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Mark Niles
Posted 7 months ago
Great information and how-to videos

I have been interested in astrophotography for a few years and found it to be a highly technical field. The courses Dan put together have been an immense help in making sense of the why behind the techniques. One technique that was mentioned can't be over emphasized: practice!! There is no facet of this photography genre that is simple and intuitive. Practice, practice, practice!!!

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Posted 8 months ago
Clear, concise and thorough

Pretty much everything you need to know, from kit, to in-field techniques though post-processing. All well explained and presented.

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Posted 11 months ago
Great Course!

I've taken 5 or so courses from various instructors and Dan's was excellent. Quick with a response to questions, Dan knows his craft backwards and forwards. He cut my polar alignment time from 8-9 min to 1-2 min and now I can do 5 min subs! Would highly recommend.

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Posted 12 months ago
Very in-depth and thorough

From the basics to very advanced techniques, this course includes so much stuff that I never found on any other course. Highly recommended.

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Herbert Naass
Posted 1 year ago
100% worth it!

Absolutely! The modules and items are structured and Dan’s explanations are clear and very easy to understand. The type of presentation has a high optical quality and this is helpful to follow his line of thought. You can always feel his enthusiasm and his treasure trove of experience. He knows what he is speaking of. I savored each minute following his explanations.

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Karen Hart
Posted 1 year ago
So Much to Learn!

What I liked most about this course is the way Dan shares step-by-step his process. As a photographer with basic editing knowledge, this course really takes your learning to a new level. I know I will use the steps in whatever software I choose to use.

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Posted 1 year ago
Phenomenal milky way editing course

This was my second astro course in general so I came in with a healthy amount of skepticism knowing that there are many decent options out there. Dan's patient detailed explanations of his step by step technique is easy to understand and significantly improved my night time photography. It immediately became apparent to me that Dan understands the ins and outs of editing night time images.

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